Rental Property Concierge Services

For a monthly flat fee of $69.99 we take the rental management burden from you. We are the 24/7 point of contact for your tenants when repairs are needed, we send reminders to tenants to pay you on time, we coordinate all maintenance requests, and we  keep track of expenses and issue reports.

How does maintenance or repair services work?  Leaseably welcomes the  landlord’s preferred provider for repairs or maintenance. If no preferred provider is offered by landlord, Leaseably will contact top-rated service providers in the community according to online customer review services.

Maintenance | For maintenance requests (services necessary to conserve the condition and appearance of the rental unit, such as painting, cleaning, and landscaping), Leaseably will obtain two (2) quotes for the landlord to review and select from before commencement of the service.  In the event maintenance is needed, the landlord provides a description of the work to be completed by phone or online

Repair | For repair requests (services to restore or fix the premises to a good or sound condition after decay, damage, or a malfunction), Leaseably will select one (1) service provider for the repair for landlord’s approval before commencement of the service; because providers usually charge on a per visit-basis.  For repair visits, landlord or tenant (if the rental unit is occupied) contacts us by phone or online. We get the call from the tenant, no you!

In order to respond better to landlords and tenants, Leaseably goes over standard trouble-shooting to solve the issue. If the problem cannot be solved, we will coordinate a service repair.

Once the landlord approves of a maintenance or repair service, Leaseably will confirm and coordinate the timing of the service with the provider and tenant or landlord. Landlord or tenant is responsible for meeting the service provider at the rental unit at the designated time or being available to meet the provider during the designated window; Leaseably does not physically visit rental units for any purpose. By approving a maintenance service to be completed, landlord authorizes Leaseably to charge the fees and expenses for the maintenance to landlord’s credit card. For repairs, Leaseably will seek the the landlord’s approval at the time of service before charging fees to landlord’s credit card. Invoices for all maintenance and repair services will be kept on file by Leaseably and available at the landlord’s request. Leaseably will send landlord a consolidated expense report detailing all maintenance and repair services on an annual basis and upon termination of the landlord’s subscription for services.