Premium Package

This package is for landlords who would like to entrust the listing process to a Real Estate Agent.  Landlords are able to purchase realtor services through Leaseably.  The Agent is responsible for preparation of the listing, photographs, two viewings (2 hours each), application process, lease preparation and check-in/delivering the keys to tenants. Leaseably coordinates the whole cycle with real estate agent.  Leaseably saves you time and money!  

How it works?   

Leaseably is a virtual assistant company helping landlords to effortlessly manage their rental property.  Leaseably coordinates the whole cycle of having a tenant with landlords.  We use all forms of communications (calls, text messages, email, and web forms)  to facilitate the process. 

An Agent is responsible for:

  • Preparing the rental unit listing.  
  • Hosting two (2) open houses of two (2) hours each.  
  • Preparing the lease agreement in compliance with the applicable state regulations and getting it signed by both parties. 
  • Move-in walk through with checklist to record the condition of the rental unit and delivery of keys to tenants.

Leaseably is responsible for:

  • Posting on rental listing platforms the listing.
  • Responding to prospective tenants inquires (based on listing information).
  • Scheduling viewings between potential tenants and agent.
  • Ensuring as many prospective tenants show up as possible.
  • Processing applications, performing employment verification and rental check history, and coordinating credit check. 
  • Keeping  landlord, agent and prospective tenants informed throughout the process.
  • Running the credit and background check reports.

Landlord is responsible for:

  • Selecting a tenant.

Leaseably keeps landlords informed throughout the process. If additional viewings are needed, they can be purchased separately.