Hands-On Package

This package is ideal for landlords who own rental property in the area where they live and would like to take a "hands-on" approach to managing.  Leaseably helps landlords handle the marketing and logistics including listing, scheduling viewings, processing applications, and credit check. Landlords show the property to prospective tenants and prepare the lease.  (If your rental is currently occupied, we can coordinate the viewings with your tenants to reduce the gap between leases and maximize the yield from your rental property.)   We make sure landlords have quality tenant prospects by performing employment verification and rental check history.  Leaseably saves you time and money!

How it works?   

Leaseably is a virtual assistant company helping landlords to effortlessly manage their rental property.  Leaseably coordinates the whole cycle of having a tenant.  We use all forms of communications (calls, text messages, email, and web forms)  to facilitate the process. 

Marketing:  We assist landlords in preparing a listing of the rental unit and arrange for it to be posted on rental listing platforms. Landlords  are responsible for providing the necessary information to prepare the listing via phone or online, including a description of the unit, pricing information, availability dates, photographs and any other listing-specific terms, conditions, and details.  

Communications: We provide communication coordination with prospective tenants interested in leasing a rental unit, answering questions based on factual details contained in the listing and scheduling times for viewings by prospective tenants based on landlord's availability. It is Landlord’s responsibility to be physically present at the rental unit to show to prospective tenants.  If the rental unit is occupied, we coordinate the viewings with your current tenants to reduce the gap between leases  agreements. 

Application Process: Prospective tenants have the ability to apply online. Leaseably verifies and contacts references provided in the application.  Leaseably uses TransUnion SmartMove for credit report and criminal history. Applicants pay for the reports.  Leaseably submits a report of prospective tenants to landlords.  Landlords selects and prepares lease agreement. Our Resource page provides useful links to lease agreements.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at 1 (844) 571-EASE -  (1-844-571-3273) or at info@leaseably.com.