General Questions

What services does Leaseably provide?

We assist landlords through the whole cycle of having a tenant: facilitating the listing process, coordinating communications with potential tenants, processing rental applications, sending rent payment reminders, coordinating maintenance and repair services with top-rated contractors in your community and keeping track of expenses for tax purposes. 

Who benefits from Leaseably’s services?

Both landlords and tenants. Landlords save time and money by letting us handle the coordination, communications and recordkeeping of expenses. Landlords keep control of important decisions such as who the tenants will be and cost of maintenance and repairs. Our services improve landlord-tenant relationship by responding to tenants in a timely fashion.

Am I bound to a contract with Leaseably? 

You are not bound to our services. There is not contract it is a subscription based services. Once you decide you no longer need our services you can cancel the subscription via email.

Does Leaseably offer assistance in Spanish? 

Yes, our team is fully bilingual English-Spanish. We can assist you in the language of your preference.

Property Listing Support

Please see our comparable table of services to choose the service package that best fit your needs.

What help do I get with the Hands-On Package? 

We assist landlords with editing and formatting a rental unit listing and arranging for it to be posted in various online portals.  Landlords are responsible for providing the necessary information for the listing.   Leaseably provides communication coordination with prospective tenants interested in leasing your rental unit.  We answer calls, respond to emails, schedule viewings between landlord-tenant, and provide a report once potential tenant applies.

Who shows the rental unit?

With the Hands-On package landlords are responsible for showing the rental unit. It gives them the opportunity to meet the potential tenants.  We understand this is an important decision and nothing replaces the personal interaction to feel at ease with someone who is renting your property.  

With the Premium package a licensed real estate agent shows the rental unit to perspective tenants.

What help do I get under Premium Package?

This package is for landlords who would like to entrust the listing process to a Real Estate Agent.  Landlords are able to purchase Realtor services thru Leaseably.  The Agent is responsible for preparation of the listing, photographs, two viewings (2 hours each), application process, lease preparation and check-in/delivering the keys to tenants. Leaseably coordinates the whole cycle with real estate agent.

What help do I get under Hands-Off?

This package is for landlords who would like to take a "hands-off" approach--those who are living out of state or abroad or would rather dedicate time to something else

What happens when a landlord selects a tenant? 

The tenant completes and application online. Leaseably makes the calls to verify the information. We provide the landlord a report to inform his or her decision.

Rental Property Concierge Services

What services does concierge services include?

We send reminders to your tenants when rent is due. We also keep track of your expenses. Keeping track of expenses is a great way to reduce your personal taxes. Of course, maintenance and repair coordination is included.

What is maintenance? 

Maintenance includes services required to conserve the original condition of the house during turn-over of tenants such as, but not limited to painting, gardening, and cleaning.

How do I get help with maintenance? 

For maintenance services, landlord provides the scope of the workSee Maintenance Form. Leaseably obtains two (2) quotes for landlord's review and approval before the job starts.  

Would Leaseably work with landlord’s preferred contractors?

Yes, we welcome the use of preferred providers when available, you just need to provide the details. We realize that many homeowners already have trusted service providers.

How do I know I am getting good contractors? 

Leaseably works with providers that are top-rated by various sources in the community.

What are repairs? 

Repairs include services to restore or fix to a good or sound condition after decay or damage. Since repair service usually are charged per visit, Leaseably selects one (1) top-rated contractor in the community to do the job.  

What happens when my tenant needs a repair?

 We get the call from the tenant!  The tenant contacts Leaseably by phone or online. In order to respond better to landlords and tenants, Leaseably goes over standard trouble-shooting to solve the issue. If the problem can not be solved, we will coordinate a service repair.

Who pays contractors? 

Landlords are responsible for paying the contractors. Leaseably facilitates communications between contractors and landlords to get the necessary approval before the job gets done.

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