How to Find a Good Tenant for My Arlington Rental Property


A good tenant will have a direct impact on your success and experience as a landlord. You are looking for someone who can pay the rent on time, take care of your property, and follow the terms of your lease agreement. At Leaseably, part of our online property management service includes listing your property and finding a tenant. Today, we’re sharing some tips for finding and screening a great tenant.

Property Management Arlington: Marketing and Advertising

To attract the best tenants, you need to market your property well. Most prospective renters are looking for their next home online, so that’s where you should focus your advertising.  We help you to create a listing that includes detailed descriptions of the home, a competitive price, and high quality photographs. In many cases landlords take a video, so people can get an accurate idea of what your home looks like. When we list your property on all the top rental websites, you’ll begin to generate some interest, and we can schedule showings.

Property Management Companies Northern Virginia: Tenant Background Checks

Once we have applications rolling in, Leaseably will be screening those applicants. We make sure to treat every application the same. A consistent process that documents everything is crucial to avoiding fair housing lawsuits and potential disputes.

The first step is a thorough background check. This includes checking credit history, criminal history, and details like employment and income. We verify everything. We ask to see pay stubs or tax records so you know what the prospective tenants earn. We call the employers to confirm they work where they say they work, and check details like salary, title, and dates of employment.

Property Management Arlington: Rental History

After we complete the credit and criminal background check and you’re satisfied with income and employment.  We also check with former landlords to ask if the tenant paid rent on time, took care of the home, and gave proper notice before moving out.

One of the best ways to predict a tenant’s future behavior is by looking at their past behavior. Asking previous landlords if they’d rent to that tenant again, and verify how much they paid in rent, whether they got their security deposit back, and if they had any pets its important part of our process.

If you have any questions about tenant screening for your income property, or you’d like to talk about our Arlington property management services, please contact us at Leaseably. We are a virtual property management company providing high quality services for affordable prices.