How Much are Professional Property Management Fees in the DMV Area?

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If you’re a property owner or an investor looking for professional property management, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you.

Management and leasing fees can be high in this market. Washington, D.C., Bethesda, MD, and Arlington, VA all have high rent properties that come with high rent prices. So, while there are many benefits to professional property management, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the cost of those services.

What Do Property Managers Charge?

Most management companies follow one of these established models:

  • Flat fee model

  • Percentage fee model

With a flat fee, you’ll pay a specific amount every month, regardless of what your property rents for. A landlord with a property that earns $1,200 a month will pay the same management fee as a landlord with a property that rents for $3,500 a month.

In the percentage model, the management company will earn its commission by taking a percentage of the rent your property earns. So, if you have a rental property that earns $3,000 per month and the management fee is 10 percent, you’re paying your property manager $300 every month.

Virtual Property Management Company in the DMV Area

There are traditional property management companies, and then there’s our way, which is virtual property management. It’s a little bit different. At Leaseably, we do just about everything for you online, keeping our company lean and efficient, and thus – more affordable. There are two packages you can choose, depending on how much support you need, and two flat fees.

Understanding Services and Fees

Whether you go with a virtual property management company or a traditional management company, it’s important that you understand which services you’re getting in exchange for your fees. No one wants to be surprised by an extra cost or a hidden expense. At Leaseably, our website tells you exactly what each package includes. Your traditional property manager should explain what’s included and what’s excluded before you sign a management agreement.

Market Experience is Worth A Lot

When you hire a property manager, you’re getting more than service. You’re also getting experience. Make sure you’re working with someone who knows how to properly price your home and run comparables. Look for experts who understand marketing and how to reach the most desirable tenants. In the DMV area, a lot of our tenants and owners are transient due to their military or government service. You’ll need a management company that can handle that.

At Leaseably, we understand the tenants and the landscape in Washington, Bethesda, and Arlington. If you want property management services that are innovative, efficient, and built to serve your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Leaseably. We’d be happy to tell you more.

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Benefits of Working with Leaseably for Professional Property Management

Welcome to Leaseably, a virtual property management company serving Arlington, Bethesda and the entire D.C. Metro Area. We are Miriam and Brenda, sisters and small business owners who started this company to provide outstanding service at competitive prices. In addition to our experience managing properties, we also have over 15 years of experience performing administrative services efficiently.

Outstanding business of BizLaunch: Leaseably

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Posted on BizLaunch Newsletter 10/03/17 by Lourdes Morales. Orginal text

Translation to English: Miriam Bolanos

In April 2017, Leaseably started their operations. Sisters, Miriam Bolaños and Brenda Bolaños, started their business in the real estate industry with the idea of bridging the gap in the market between full service property management and “do it yourself”. Miriam commented that homeowners of one or several properties that seek help with the whole cycle of having a tenant only have two options: 1) to do it themselves or 2) to hire the services of a property management company that charges between 8 and 15% of a monthly rent. This is very expensive for the majority of independent landlords that still have to pay a mortgage on the property they wish to rent.

Miriam and Brenda decided to develop a business plan to see if their idea was viable with the help of mentors from SCORE and BizLaunch. With the help of their advisors, they started operations more than six months ago. The team work at SCORE and BizLaunch guides companies with innovative ideas. This type of orientation helps entrepreneurs to put their ideas on paper to the point where they start their own virtual or physical business. Additionally, BizLaunch offers several social events in Arlington to expand people’s professional network.

Leaseably is a virtual business that helps landlords to manage their properties at a low cost. At the moment they offer two packages for rental properties. One package assists the client to rent their property by hiring a realtor licensed in VA, MD or DC at a flat fee. With the other package, Leaseably efficiently assists the client with most of the time-consuming tasks prior to renting the property. The homeowner only shows the property to potential tenants and drafts the lease. Leaseably also gathers all the necessary information from potential tenants such as the background check, credit report, verification of employment, and rental history among other valuable information.

Leaseably is based in Arlington’s Clarendon neighborhood but has the licenses and permits required to work in the DMV area. Miriam and Brenda are residents of Arlington, and they absolutely love to live in this diverse community that supports local businesses like their company Leaseably.

Leaseably also offers a package called “Rental Property Concierge Services” this package supports landlords to manage their property at a low price. Leaseably is the 24/7 point of contact for tenants when repairs are needed. Leaseably welcomes the use of landlord’s preferred provider for repairs or maintenance. If no preferred provider is offered by landlord, Leaseably will contact top-rated service providers in the community according to online customer review services.

These types of innovative services have been welcomed by the community, they have been mentioned several times in Arlnow, and they have a lot of new followers in their social media. Miriam and Brenda work hard because they believe their idea can become a national platform that helps independent landlords. At the same time, they promote local top-rated service providers according to online customer review services.

ARL Now Startup Monday: New Software Guides Landlords, Tenants Through Leasing Process


Sponsored by Monday Properties and written by ARLnow.comStartup Monday is a weekly column that profiles Arlington-based startups and their founders, plus other local technology happenings. The Ground Floor, Monday’s office space for young companies in Rosslyn, is now open. The Metro-accessible space features a 5,000-square-foot common area that includes a kitchen, lounge area, collaborative meeting spaces, and a stage for formal presentations.

A new startup is looking to help landlords and tenants through every stage of the rental process, from listing and vetting potential renters to dealing with maintenance requests.

Sisters Miriam and Brenda Bolanos started Clarendon-based Leaseably last year, and began serving customers in April. The pair also have experience managing Airbnb properties, and said they want to save potential landlords money and time when they look to lease out their property.

The service is aimed at those who are looking to rent out one or two properties, as opposed to being for large apartment buildings, which already have in-house management and maintenance.

“If you think about it just conceptually, the options that owners have today for property management is a real estate company or managing it by themselves,” said Brenda Bolanos. “There’s nothing in between. So we are that in-between that will offer assistance to owners to help them manage their property to save time and to save money so they don’t have to pay as much as real estate companies charge.”

After registering their interest in using Leaseably, a potential landlord must provide details on their property and some photographs. The company then takes care of listing the property and being the point-of-contact for interested renters, before then coordinating viewings.

Once vetting potential renters, homeowners have the option to either prepare the lease themselves or use Leaseably to go through a realtor to prepare the paperwork. After providing an inspection list for move-in, tenants are in place.

But Leaseably’s services extend beyond getting homeowners a tenant. Once the renter is in place, they can help troubleshoot problems in the home and coordinate with a contractor to provide maintenance.

And the pair said that doing everything through virtual assistant software should help maintain a relationship between the landlord and their tenant by addressing needs quickly and automating as much as possible.

“Property management and real estate overall hasn’t had a change like everything else we have experienced with embracing new technologies,” said Brenda Bolanos. “Things haven’t changed in years, and of course part of it is regulation. I think there’s an opportunity to do things in a cost-effective manner, not compromising the security or trust of people, but opening that space that will offer a service at a reasonable price and that also responds to tenants and landlords.”

The sisters began Leaseably having spent a decade working for international organizations and managing Airbnb properties in Arlington. They said they had heard about other people’s difficulties managing their rented properties while working abroad or traveling, and so wanted to make things easier for everyone.

“One of the lessons was to have clear communication channels with tenants,” said Brenda Bolanos. “To know what they can expect and be able to respond when they need something in the property. We had long-term people who were abroad working for the government, and good communication was the best experience.”