At Leaseably, our virtual assistants take the workload from property owners to develop listings, market units, screen potential tenants, and get documents signed electronically. 



Let us help you:  

  • Find quality tenants
  • Establish a rental rate
  • Develop personalized listing
  • Screen prospective tenants thoroughly 
    • credit history
    • background check
    • rental history
  • Process lease agreements


To get your unit filled fast and maximize your rental yield, we:

  • Prepare rental comparable table

  • Help you create your listing

  • Market your unit

  • Respond to inquires and questions

  • Schedule viewings

  • Screen prospective tenants, performing rental, credit and background check


No time to show the rental Unit?  

Hire a Realtor at a flat fee to show the unit, draw up a lease agreement and hand over the keys.